Foglight for MySQL Released
June 12, 2015
MySQL monitoring is now integrated with the Foglight core Databases dashboard and several new templates are available for enhanced MySQL reporting. The release also includes several rule modifications and configurable JVM memory settings for agents.
Foglight for MySQL Released
March 18, 2015
The latest cartridge includes Statement Digests for MySQL 5.6.5+ and an Administration Panel which allows database administration through the web console for authorized users.
Foglight for MySQL Now Supports MariaDB
November 19, 2014
Foglight for MySQL now has verified compatibility with MariaDB up to version 5.5 with all the same data available for MySQL, plus more Slow Query Log information. The latest update also includes an OOTB rule capable of forwarding all MySQL-related alarms to an e-mail list.
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With support for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™, ActiveMatrix® Service Grid, BusinessEvents®, ActiveSpaces®, Rendezvous® and Hawk® Foglight for TIBCO is the most comprehensive TIBCO Monitoring solution in the industry today. Why settle for a stand-alone solution when TIBCO Monitoring is now integrated into Dell's award winning APM solution. Foglight is the preferred choice of thousands of enterprise clients, come see why!
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