Need to get a handle on your infrastructure today? SMA can help. Let us demonstrate state-of-the-art solutions designed to capture utilization and performance statistics for your systems, networks, and applications. The data collected can be used to help you fully understand what computing resources are being used today, who is using them, and how to plan for future scenarios.

The capacity planning and performance analysis service consists of understanding the system and network resource requirements necessary to support business processes. An initial step in this process might be accomplished by merely watching trends in actual utilization. But true capacity planning is achieved by correlating resource utilization to business use of applications.

SMA begins the capacity planning process by performing a review of the business process or application in order to understand how the application uses system and network resources. Once it has been determined how much traffic is generated by individual application, and how the application uses system resources, decisions can be made as to how to improve response time, or how applications may be combined to maximize valuable resources.

We can provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Application Performance Management
  • Capacity Planning Workload Analysis
  • End User Experience
  • Network Management & Network Capacity Planning
  • Business Service Management
  • Help Desk/Service Desk
  • CMDB
  • Windows Management

Whether you need to manage your infrastructure, consolidate servers or networks, plan for future capacity, or just want to better understand your current environment, SMA can provide your team with the data required to make informed decisions.

The explosive growth of information systems has outpaced the efforts of many organizations to cost-effectively manage and support them. The increasing complexity and proliferation of enterprise systems has stretched the ability of many companies to manage the computers, networks, applications, and data that bind their business together.

Many software companies today provide solutions that can help manage your environment. How do you decide which solutions are best for you? How can you determine what products are best suited to the management needs and resources available to you in your organization? SMA can help.

Our solution includes:

  • ESM Needs Analysis
  • Environmental Review
  • Product Evaluation and Comparison
  • Priority Assessment
  • Solution Design and Architecture
  • Enterprise Roadmap Design
  • Policy Definition
  • Project Planning
  • Custom Development
  • SMA Management Products
  • Bill of Materials
  • Statement of Work

SMA's unique assessment methodology enables us to recommend solutions that allow you to better control your technology infrastructure. We will work together with your organization to understand its unique needs and help to develop an architecture that transforms discrete management tools into a unified framework with a common interface. Our consultants can help you understand the support resources required to manage your environment and how these resources can be best deployed.